About ‘dry apricots’

When we cannot go someplace we try to envisage it through others’ perspective- through their experiences. Experiences can be uttered through words, depicted with paintings, illustrated in photographs, artifacts, videos and many other things. I chose to take up the most primeval way of recitation – books. Dryapricots gives book reviews of the books that I have read. Books are a man’s passage to universe and beyond. And you will ask me what I mean by ‘beyond’? It is what no scientist has been able to decode through his expertise. Knowing what subsist beyond is imagination. Novelists are fanatical every now and then, so much so, that they imagine situations that do not exist creating a stimulating environment for its readers. This blog puts up reviews of those books which create that liveliness and incite the mind of its readers.

Writer of this blog is a full time commodities trader and loves reading books. This is my endeavor to encourage reading books of different types.


Curiosity killed the cat!!!apricotsonabook

Last but not the least, you might be curious to know why I have chosen the name as “dry apricots”. My visit to the beautiful city of Istanbul familiarized me to the apricot fruit. It was then that I apprehended the similarities in taste of apricots and reading books – sweet, sour, wanting to eat more but wished that it was finished earlier. I relate my reading to this fruit and hence the name dryapricots.

If you wish, you may contact me at twitter ID: dryapricots

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