Murder in the Mews by Agatha Christie

mmMurder in the mews starts with a very important comment made in Jest by inspector Japp. While they are passing the mews, there are crackers everywhere and inspector Japp makes a comment about how it is easy for a criminal to commit a crime with a gun shot in this noise. This would be very difficult to detect. Once they are at their office, they get news that there is a murder in the mews and Hercule Poirot is called in. In a funnily acrobatic style, victim has killed herself from the right side while she is left handed. Also, there are no fingerprints on the pistol

Soon, it is known that Miss Jane, who is Mrs. Allen (victim!) best friend and confidante, did not know that she owned a gun and someone had been blackmailing her. Enter one Major Eustace and he is quickly arrested on charges of suspicion of blackmailing Mrs. Allen and extracting money from her. After all, intimidating some one to commit suicide is also a serious crime. However, Hercule poirot as meticulous as he is is upto something. On the first sight of the murder, he is searching for suicide notes but there is no suicide note found near the body. He searches all the dust bins in the house but he cannot find the note any where. This brings the million dollar question for Poirot which he shares with and teases Chief Inspector Japp – Is this a suicide implying a murder or is this a murder disguised as a suicide? Repercussions for either of the eventualities are different and can have innocent people spending time in jail or some crooked criminal roaming on the streets.

The way Hercule Poirot arrives on the conclusion is interesting and mind boggling. I rate this short book of 40 pages a 4 out of 5. Happy Reading!!


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