Chasing tomorrow by Tilly Bagshawe

ct‘If tomorrow comes’ was the reason I started reading books. It is like the temple that you visit before you start on an important journey. Inflexion point, in other words. Chasing tomorrow is a sequel to Tracey Whitney and Jeff’s love story and yes, there are the wonderful stories of conning too

In simple words, chasing tomorrow is a disgrace to if tomorrow comes. On a stand-alone basis, you could still rate it as a not bad book. Tracy and Jeff are living it together the life they always liked and aspired for. For Tracy’s woes on pregnancy demotivates her. Add to that misery is her monotonous life which she does not life. Jeff is the exact opposite – he is not only deep into love for archaeology but works day and night to ensure opening of the new collection which he has jointly unearthed with head archaeologist. Suddenly, their lives are pulled apart by Jeff’s subordinate insisting that Tracey is having an affair and this pulls him close to his subordinate. How many times have we seen this in Hollywood movies? (Gosh!). Tracey catches Jeff making out with his subordinate and leaves him in the lurch and disappears. She settles in US and changes her identity. Jeff, guilt-ridden, goes back to the profession he loves but this time robs only the item that he thinks has archaeological importance. Their paths never intertwine again but for an old enemy – Daniel cooper. Daniel cooper is hell bent on tracing whereabouts of Tracy (his only love!) and destroying Jeff and Tracy’s lives together. He is a maniac, obsessed and a murderer. Hereon, book moves at a slow pace with a predictable story line. From a book about con men and their exciting adventures, it has turned into a revenge game with maniacs thrown into the picture. What a waste Tilly Bagshawe. You somehow messed up some good work done by Sidney Sheldon. I rate it a 2/5. Happy reading!


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