Third Girl by Agatha Christie

tgOne thing I adore about Agatha Christie books is that she comes straight to the point. Girl enters Hercule Poirot’s apartment and tells him that “she might have committed a murder” and there, the mystery starts. But as soon as she realizes that Hercule Poirot is too old to solve the mystery she returns without any further dialog.

This puts Hercule Poirot in a soup – there has been no case that he has attended to and the criminal deliberates about “might have committed a murder”. Either she has committed a murder or she hasn’t – there are no grey areas there. I guess this part intrigues the reader and he continues to ride through the book with curiosity and panache. In this thriller of his, Hercule Poirot is supported by none other than Adriane Oliver – novelist and a mystery writer herself – she makes for an interesting companion. In a way, I feel that she is alter ego of Agatha Christie herself.

They find out more about the girl like where she stays, boyfriends, life style among other things. There are many interesting links they find out like there are two other girls she shares her room with – one is her father’s executive assistant while the other one is a group of her boyfriend’s. The girl, Norma, is disturbed mentally and very often forget things. That becomes the reason for people who know her well accusing her of being neurotic at times. And so begins the trail of Normal Restarick and the whereabouts of this unknown murder it did really happen. Working out who is the murderer and if indeed a murder was committed is the point at issue. Do read and let us know how did you feel about the book – one of the cases that Hercule Poirot solved when he was ageing

As I read through this omnibus, I realize that Agatha Christie has produced some magnificent works one after the other that refuses to bore you. Every time a new story and new angle and the great Hercule Poirot always at work. I give it 3.75 /5. Happy Reading!


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