The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

guGillian Flynn is an awe-inspiring novelist with a penchant for writing about matters that are dark and seldom deliberated about. Somehow, this short story was not upto the mark as this book leaves more questions than answers and thwarts readers in the end

Story talks about a character that gives hand jobs for a livelihood in poorly disguised psychic set up. When Susan Burke walks in looking nervy, she knows she has pulled off by getting it right about Susan’s family and her psychic powers. Susan’s stepson is a distraught child and his mental state has started flagging since they moved into their new mansion. The distressed past of the house mingled with unbalanced child’s sweet nothings into the “psychic” ears is enough for her to freak out. This short story progresses at a break neck pace and causes the reader thinking what was the point of all this. Who did what and each character’s swapping stories is more grating than it is mystifying. I advocate readers to read this book and form their own opinion about it. I have unusually high expectations from Gillian Flynn and was saddened. I rate it 3/5. Happy reading!!


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