Shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

shadows of the wind

Different books bring different depth. Typically, thriller novels rule the roost. Not only they are page turners but keep the readers betrothed through change of events. This book is like chalk and cheese in the sense that it is about a cemetery of books where the main protagonist’s father takes him when he is a child. Cemetery of books is a place where books end up when no one wants to read them. Once you choose a book you forever own it so that they do not end up in cemetery again. Basis this premise, Daniel Sempere chooses a book called shadows of the wind written by one obscure writer named Julian Carax. He is so enthralled by the book that he goes about finding the real author who, like his other books, has mysteriously disappeared.

While tracking the real author, he finds out the dark past of the author and his whereabouts. Julian Carax’s family, friends, girlfriend and nemesis all appear in different parts of the book. However, the character that is most thought-provoking is the one called Fermin Romero de Torres. His entry as a mendicant and his succour to the main protagonist as a philosophical, romantic and emotional guide is stuff of legend. I always felt that authors’ have deep understanding of human psyche and this is evident in the book by Fermin Romero de Torres. Novel is lively and kicking until Fermin is around. He likes to talk and his lingos and weepy speech marks are something that you can write another book on or still better capture them in a movie.

This book has been rated very highly on good reads and other book review avenues. I am impressed by the writing style and its translation from Spanish to English. Kudos to the writer for thinking of such a distinctive plot. I rate it 4.75/5. Book lovers should read this and enjoy Fermin’s mighty quotes. Enjoy !!!


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