Dark places by Gillian Flynn

dpGillian Flynn has authored four books. I have mentioned it a number of times and at the cost of sounding repetitive, I can say that she is magnificent. I would say that to like her writing one has to start with Gone Girl, move onto Sharp objects and then to dark places. Finally, if you have finished all her books, you can read her latest book short story grown up in minutes.

Dark places is very dark. There is an amateur group called ‘The kill club’ where like-minded people get together to discuss murders and how they would have taken place. Jack the Ripper is the most discussed topic followed closely by ‘day massacre’. Captain of the club lures in the only surviving family member of the day murders Libby day. Living practically as a destitute she has been offered money to face an audience to answer all that happened that fateful night 20 years ago. To satisfy morbid curiosity of the kill club members, Libby has to recall memories from her tormented past.  She can also bring memorabilia from those days as there are many fans who plan to buy stuff from that night. She not only faces a mean audience while at the club who doesn’t let her respond but also makes her fully responsible for sending her brother, Ben day to jail for those murders. This event persuades her to delve deep into her own past. She goes on to check on Ben’s school acquaintances to his close friends of the time and discerns piece by piece whole minutiae of what happens that ominous night. More importantly, events leading up to that night are chilling and soaked up in bloodcurdling realities

I read a lot of reviews for dark places and ascertained that lots of people who read it confessed about how 80s and 90s have been rightly depicted in the book with teenagers going after the devil and sacrificing rituals. May be a lot of Americans can relate to that. I contemplated that it would be good if I can put a point like that to titillate readers to read this book. Language is flawless and story and the links between the stories weave into each other slickly. Movie with the same name and Charlize Theron has been taken as lead. Choose your pick – movie or the book. I rate it a 4/5. Happy reading!!


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