The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler


Deadly murders of a family have been committed in a quiet neighbourhood. Only survivor is a boy aged 15. He is shocked, full of blood and admitted in a hospital. Walks in a dashing, tall and intelligent detective from national police – Joona linna who is out to solve this case. With his 100% track record of solving cases, this case is expected to be solved son.

Due to extreme pain and shock, boy has not been advised to be questioned by police. Joona Linna employs the services of an old friend and hypnotist Erik Maria Bark for a friendly gesture and he is on board. Under the spell, when the boy speaks up he shocks everyone. He admits to killing everyone in his family. He is the murderer. Situation is not looking good for Bark at home. The book shifts gears to hypnotist’s past and his fight for recognition and acknowledgement to his years of work. It also seems like his wife is looking for any reason for divorce. Everything seems to be falling apart in his family when Bark’s son is kidnapped and the reader realizes there are two stories woven into one. Narration switches to Erik Maria Bark’s dangerous past and examines every patient that he interacted with one by one with the book moving rapidly between past and present. Meanwhile, star detective Joona keeps tracks of every patient from his past and finds nothing about them that can assist them in the investigation.

Book is really long but a good start for introducing the tough detective Joona. Multiple stories are weaved around the main plot and if not read in few sittings then reader might lose track of various characters or plots in the book. I rate it a 3.5/5. Happy reading!!


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