Aarushi by Avirook Sen

aarushi book

One of the most gripping murders of recent times, Aarushi Talwar was murdered on the intervening night of 16th to 17th May 2008. This controversy created such a media storm that live cricket matches TRP looked pale in comparison to viewers’ interest in this murder.

Fourteen year old Aarushi was in deep sleep when apparent entry of servants inside her room startled her and the supposed killing took place. In the morning, when parents discovered that their daughter had been murdered their life turned topsy-turvy. In their own words, first few days after their daughter’s murder were a blur. Media was unforgiving. To add spice to the murder, media was in free flow and added s** angle to the murder – how Aarushi’s parents found her in a compromising position and hence, murdered the servant Hemraj in a rage. Ofcourse, these were baseless allegations. Media storm that followed would have been unbearable for a celebrity – let alone Aarushi’s parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. Due to intense scrutiny of the media and botched up investigation by the local police, Central Bureau of Investigation was called in. After initial progress on the case by CBI, the case turned into political musical chairs where it was passed on from CBI director to another. One theory after another was floated with no evidence whatsoever. At the end of it all, real killer was never found but all the narco tests reveal that servants had something to do with the murder. Their story is revealed at the end and is dreadful. Indian law does not allow for narco tests to be admissible in court so this was not accepted by court before announcing their decision. Surprisingly, none of the CBI office bearers followed that lead and no one knows where Krishna, Vijay Pandit is – the crucial link between these two and Hemraj forever lost – who were in Hemraj’s room that night.

The case dragged on for 5 years before Talwars were held guilty for killing their own daughter and the grounds given was honour killing. Justice system not only was biased towards Talwars but the judge was in a hurry to close the case and preconceived the idea before the trial started that Talwars were guilty. There is no better way to explain travesty of justice as is the case in Aarushi murder. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been convicted to life imprisonment but the truth remains elusive. Facts are very aptly put by Avirook Sen and he has back-up for everything that he has written. He writes in one of the pages that it is very difficult to put up that pretence that Talwars have put up for the past 5 years – pointing towards not their guilt but their sorrow. May god bless them! Factually speaking, this is the best book I have read and it clears out any doubts that one might have on this murder mystery. I rate it a full 5/5. If you support Talwars and are fully convinced of their innocence then pls support them through this link https://www.change.org/p/honorable-the-chief-justice-of-india-fast-track-justice-for-talwars-aarushi-s-parents



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