Sharp objects by Gillian Flynn

sharp_objectsWhen you are reading Gillian Flynn, you have to be aware that it is gonna be a helluva of a ride. Literature is her forte and studied characterization is her most represented skill. Gillian Flynn is a master story teller and yours truly is a big fan. Finest as her writing is, more adorable is her ability to generate suspense, horror. She gets an Oscar for spooking the readers throughout her book 🙂

The story revolves around 3 characters namely – Camille Preaker, Amma and Adora. Amma is the mother of Camille and Adora. Amma barely shows any emotion and she is always occupied with her business. Her family is the well-heeled in town. Adora is 13 year old sister of Camille and is in her early teens always chilling out with her friends. Camille is a journalist who has been sent over by her editor to cover deaths of young girls in her part of the town. Camille is addicted to sharp objects and has spent some time in psychiatric hospital for healing her addiction for hurting herself with sharp objects.

Narrative revolves around these 3 characters. Camille delves into every suspect, every family member of the victim and discovers that cops have not done their bit in investigating the brutal murders. Book becomes spooky, scary at times with every member she meets becomes a new suspect. Her actions persuades her to call for help in the cop who has been assigned the case. By revealing the butcher at the end, she jolts readers and makes Gillian Flynn a super star author. Gillian Flynn is a super star writer not because of the language (that is indeed excellent!) but the narrative and how does she breaks suspense at end of every phase of the book. Highly recommended. I rate it a 4.5/5. Happy Reading!!



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