What Young India wants by Chetan Bhagat

What_Young_India_WantsChetan has a very inimitable connect with the Indian audience. It is more embedded in the fact that he has done the usual errands that India requires of him – grow up as a decent fellow, diligent, get worthy scores and a first-rate job so everything in life seems steady. At some point, his principles persuades him to take up writing full time. He starts with his first book which becomes an instant success and all the same for his next two books. Once he is well-liked, he started writing columns which focused more on political situation as well as better ways to govern the country. His core focus revolves around the youth of India and their transformation of their dispositions towards changing India.

Spoiler alert ahead – this is book is not fiction or a real story. It is a collection of his best articles till date and some of them are fascinating, inspiring, thought provoking and above all positive.

India’s demographics say that 60% of nation is under 35 which makes it paramount situation to be in. He has asked some pertinent questions about India’s political dynasty and how our politics are focusing on issues which are unnecessary and futile.

This book is interesting to read for anyone with a quest for knowledge to recuperate India’s governance and bring about a lasting change in the young Indian psyche. This is possible by altering the mindset of educated Indians who think that politics is not their cup of tea. Some of the issues that he has raised will help the reader introspect. He is far better than others on condemnation of political set up in the country. In that, he not only censures but provides innovative solution to its readers that could be looked at seriously if there was a political will.

I liked reading the book and hope everyone who loves reading his columns will enjoy this compilation. I give it a 3.5/5


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