Gone girl by Gillian Flynn

gone-girlAmazing Amy and Flatulent Nick – one-off tale of husband & wife. While reading this book, it takes you on a crossing so extreme that you would be overwhelmed. The gorgeousness about Gillian Flynn writing is the groovy narrative laced with use of magnificent language – this book unbolts the candor when you deep-dive into it. I can easily say this is the finest work I have read until now in fiction.

Book gyrates around Amy & Nick. It starts on a uninteresting note where Nick is jaded, weary to go back home on his 5th marriage anniversary. The book changes gear as soon as he learns that his wife is gone leaving him with pointers aka treasure hunt that appeal to Amy’s psyche. Cops, media, parents, in-laws, old friends all get involved and Nick’s truth starts unraveling. His sheepish grin during a press conference, his selfie with a lady cop and his slippery happy-go-lucky attitude puts him in jeopardy. His jinx is exacerbated by being censured of murder on a well-liked TV show. Does not it become evident that in the disappearance of a wife, significant other is always the main suspect! Did Nick murder Amy?

Fast-forward to Amy. She is alive and on the run. Amy has changed her appearance and keeps low key which means staying at tawdry motels and working odd jobs. She is covertly watching Nick being implicated for her murder. Amy, in fact, enjoys the media trial that her husband has to go through. It reminds her of Nick’s transgressions and the pain that she had to go through. As she is holed up in a slapdash motel, Nick is confined to his world by all the unwarranted interest from cops and media.

Nick expresses regret on national TV and begs Amy to reciprocate. He specifically mentions that he will treat her like a princess and bury the hatchet. Amy sees honesty and returns to her husband. What follows is a cracker of a story. An inquisitive reader would have asked what were all the treasure hunt clues all about? Why did Amy set up those clues? Why did Amy enjoy her husband being implicated? How did she managed to set up clues/crime scene to implicate him? What are Nick’s transgressions? Who is portrayed in the negative and who is the protagonist?

I cannot respond on these queries. You will have to read the book for those 🙂

Gillian Flynn’s exceptional writing is the real champion of this book. Characters are so well molded that they open the throttle sluggishly. Trust is reexamined with every page. My best fiction book yet. This one gets full 5/5. Happy Reading!



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