The Midnight club by James Patterson

The Midnight Club by James Patterson @ dryapricotsI have to agree that it is exciting to skim through a book of James Patterson in his initial days. There is less utilization of devices and reconnaissance tactics and more of the furrowed, old-style, hardheaded guys who meet street hoodlum kind of narrative

John Stefanovich is the cop who has sworn to prevent it all and Sarah Mcginiss, book writer and his future partner, rally round in this endeavor. John Stefanovich is shadowing Alexander Saint Germain and attempting to confine him alive. His plan bombs when he comprehends that he was never in the game. He is fired at and survives the massacre and lands on a wheelchair. In the book, James Patterson parleys about a ruthless mafia don who is hell bent on instituting a new world order for outlaws. He has politicians, bankers, rich business man by his side. He himself is masqueraded as one. This crew of crime lords around the world shape a faction of people called – The Midnight Club

Alexander Saint Germain uses one of the NYPD cops, Isiah Parker, to get rid of midnight club’s crew. Apparently, he makes use of Isiah by manipulating his emotions for his brother who was slayed by an nameless assailant and nattily, Mafia chief has denunciated the Mafiosi. John, though on the wheelchair, is tracking his movements and upsettingly, he gets intelligence that Alexander Saint Germain has been bumped off, shot at point blank range by an aggressor. Emergency meeting is summoned in Atlantic City of The Midnight Club’s crew. Yet again, Atlantic City disposition goes terribly wrong with all The Midnight Club members gunned down. Isiah Parker cannot grasp the situation and changes sides. He comes close to John to explain him his side of the story and they make a decision to capture the linchpin together. The narrative becomes noteworthy when one of The Midnight Club’s crew is alive (keep guessing who! J). John now discerns who they should go all-out for. We all can envisage how the book will leave off. I kind of remember some Hollywood plots loosely based on the narrative in the book. During the dodgy episode, Sarah and John breed love. Their chance encounter makes for some fascinating read for love birds.

Pls be cautioned that this is not archetypal James Patterson book. This is not a page turner and not fast paced.  This is a book set in the era of late 80s and early 90s and does not fit in with the ruthless crime syndicate of today. I found it arduous to read in some bits as it was monotonous and slow paced but certainly enjoyable. I would rate it 3.25/5. Happy reading!


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