Silkworm by Robert Galbriath

Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

JK Rowling has taken the fantasy world by storm becoming the only author to become a billionaire. That says something about her writing. When something is written by an accomplished author you know that you are going to read something which is unparalleled. Robert Galbraith is a pen name for JK Rowling

Silkworm starts with Cormoran Strike reveling in his triumph after successfully apprehending the slayer of personage Lula Landry and has himself become a sort of celeb. He is getting more cases from covetous wives and skeptical husbands. In one fell swoop, Leonara walks in and she has turned up to give an account of Owen Quine, her spouse who has ebbed and hasn’t revisited since past many days. In the days that follow Strike learns that author Owen Quine vanishing act is a slice of intricate plot to promote his new book. He stumbles upon on these excursions for 10-20 days without speaking to his wife but there is something incredible about his tale that enthralls Strike to delve into further. He finds Owen’s decrepit body in a bungalow which he shares with another author. The manner in which this death has occurred is bizarre. Bombyx Mori, his latest specimen of a book, describes his extant moments in a very grisly form. What makes it noteworthy is that Bombyx Mori is a metaphorical book about all characters in the environs of Owen Quine but the manner in which they have been described is appalling to say the least.

Here comes Strike who kicks off interviewing everyone who has anything to do with Owen Quine and his disgusting book. Meanwhile, there is Shakespearian emotions brewing between Robin and Strike. This segment merits a mention in detective tale as Robert Galbraith exhausts chapters explicating the various shades of this knotty relationship. She wants to do more than the secretary work which he allows her to do and be grateful for her at that. Their relations are amusing and keeps reader betrothed. From ex-lovers (of Owen) bothering strike to Owen’s wife being incarcerated for Owen’s murder the story makes very curious twists. Characterization is deep-rooted and have various shades to their disposition. The killer will take the wind out of your sails but due to limited number of characters around Owen it was kind of anticipated

The brilliance of Rowling lies in her ability to sketch characters that subsist in real life. Absorbing and witty, I love the Strike and Robin chemistry – specifically the vibes that they exchange. Their coffee table discussion about various characters reflect the thought process of the reader itself and there lies the brilliance of Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling. Do read!! My rating is 4/5



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