Dongri to Dubai by S Hussain Zaidi

dongri-to-dubai-six-decades-of-the-mumbai-mafia-400x400-imad8z7sn5hwxfsmHussain Zaidi is exceptional in a manner that he not only narrates the events of the past but writes it in impeccable manner. Needless to say, there is a lot of daring there – to interview the most feared gangster of our times – Dawood Ibrahim. There is no story to tell if not for him.

When Dawood was born, a peer baba (Muslim priest in India) foretold that Ibrahim kaskar’s (dawood’s father) second son would be rich and famous. He forgot to mention, notorious J. Though being born in a very well respected family of Kaskars, who solved disputes in their local community as well as lead a cop’s life while at work, Dawood grew to be an outlaw.

Due to his father abrupt suspension from police force, Dawood had to involuntary stop schooling. His criminal activities had initiated. During a miscommunication charade, he attacked Baashu Dada – an active gang lord of the local community. Attack was not only successful but set him up to be the most powerful in Dongri belt. Subsequently, he also did a daring daylight robbery. He was arrested and thereafter, was let off due to his father’s impeccable record in the police force. Dawood was not the one to get dejected by police force – instead he used them as pawn to decimate rivals. He wiped out Pathans. For beginners, Pathans were the most dreaded murderers/gangsters of their time and Dawood was the only one who had the audacity nerve to give them a proper response. Then came the biggest gangsters of those times – Manya surve, Babu Rehism, Rama Naik. In his pursuit for becoming the Don of Bombay, he left no stone unturned and eradicated all of his rivals, stuck to his loyal lieutenants, never forgot to avenge the death of his loved ones, heeded to his moles in police force. The best example for his shrewdness is described in the way he fled to Dubai in 1986 when cops stormed his office in Mussafirkhana. He begun his empire and became kingpin of the underworld of the Mumbai Mafia.

Book is written in a very fascinating manner. As layman, not only you loathe the callousness of Dawood’s killing, but value the length that Hussain has been through to check out the details. Classic is all I can say about the book. I rate it 4.5 /5


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