The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian

Banks are his domain and Ravi Subramanian works out yet another magnum opus with Bankster. The kind of frolics that managers subject their subordinates to, in order to clamber the corporate ladder in India is an act in itself. His portrayal in this respect is histrionic and amusing.

Vikram Bahl is the king of politics in a bank rigged with favoritism, cheap thrills and aggressive lobbying with the CEO. Vikram Bahl enjoys his relationship with head of HR (Tanuja) as much as he enjoys his position and role in the company. Group-ism is his favorite tact and he gets Nikhil Suri to switch his department and promises a good opening in his own department. Thereon, the story starts getting worthy of note. Nikhil is a head of Bandra cluster and his base branch turns out to be the one with the highest turnover in the country courtesy one Zinaida. Zinada is the hot babe in that branch and in the whole of GB2. Vikram has heard about her because of his weakness for pretty babes. What starts as lobbying, favoritism and simple office politics soon becomes a grisly story of cold blooded murder – Bank Bandra’s branThe-banksterch cashier is hit by a truck on outskirts of Mumbai. One of the relationship managers goes for a vacation and dies – again, the cause of death is an accident. Then, an auditor dies mysteriously. He is found hanging from one of the railway bridges in the city. With the suicide note found in his pocket, his death is declared as a suicide. Are these murders related? Conspiracy theorists always want to believe that something is fishy. Nothing looks wrecked from the exterior but an expert investigator is required to uncover the truth. Carrying on from the earlier novel ‘The incredible banker’ and putting his investigative skills to good use, Karan comes in with a speedy rescue. Inspite of working for Times of India, he has soft corner for his ex employer – he investigates relations between three murders and gets all data related to this case. He exposes the entire scam to Indrani, CEO of GB2, and promises her not to expose it to his loyal employers and public at large until they can get to the bottom of the truth.

Money laundering, dictating bosses and strong internal controls by a privileged manager made this crime almost undetectable except for the last minute call made by one of the victims before he/she died. I would obviously not reveal the suspense so that you can enjoy reading the book. The way Karan investigates this case with his girlfriend becomes the most interesting point in the book. The last 150-200 pages are very intriguing and gets the reader hooked. I am hooked with all his books J. General Bank politics and a thrilling scam unearthed at a snail’s pace in the beginning and lightning speed in the 2nd half of the book is fast becoming his forte. Overall, I enjoy reading the book and rate it a 3.75/5


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