Deliver us from Evil by David Baldacci

When I picked up David Baldacci books, (Yes, you read it right – I picked up 4 books of David Baldacci)I was really excited about reading thriller books from a new writer. Well, after reading his book I have mixed reactions. I am not super excited but I am excited about this new writer and what is there in store for me from this wonderful, detail loving, descriptive writer.

First and foremost, David Baldacci is not an author of thriller fiction books. He is the tortoise of the famous ‘tortoise & rabbit race’. He gets it up ( curiosity I mean :)) slowly but surely. Deliver us from evil is a 600 pages book with very few characters. The book starts with Reggie Campion killing one of the ex Nazis responsible for the death of few hundred people in Hitler era Germany. She is part of a secret group – specializing in killing some venom spilling and cruel murderers world has ever known. This group is managed by a person called Mallory ( he looks more of a professor than an assassin group head !) – but more on him later. She and the others then target their guns on Fedir Kuchin or Evan – as he is called these days. Fedir Kuchin is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of USSR era Ukrainians while being a part of the ultra secretive KGB. He is big time into human trafficking ( mostly girls) and he has camouflaged his past atrocities with legitimate businesses based out of Canada. Plan is to kill him in Provence, France. Fedir Kuchin will be spending his holidays in France where there is a chance to kill him. When Reggie starts her work as seductive blond alias next door neighbour alias sex siren to Fedir Kuchin, he falls into the booby traps of her beautiful charms. This is being watched over and followed by Shaw – who is 6 ft 6 ” tall man with a muscular built and works for a secretive agency himself. Soon, Reggie and Shaw develop a camaraderie. Shaw is working for another high tech & secretive organisation with massive funds at their disposal. They do exactly the same job as what Reggie & their team is doing. Somehow in their meticulous planning, Reggie misses a shot to Fedir Kuchin’s head and then, they run for their life. This world tour – takes Shaw, Reggie and her companions on the run around the whole of Europe. Fedir Kuchin, meanwhile,  is known for taking his enemies through excruciating pain before he puts them into a box. While busy looking for Shaw, he gets hold of Katie James – a known journalist and Shaw’s very dear friend. He kidnaps her and asks Shaw & Reggie in return for her release. Shaw, the fearless fighter (aka macho man :)) , goes for confronting Fedir Kuchin empty handed and in a last minute battle of sorts, good wins over evil. Whether they are able to assassinate Fedir Kuchin or not, I will leave it open for the readers of this blog. There should be some curiosity for reading this book.

In the beginning, the pace of the book is very slow where David Baldacci moves the character at his own pace and he describes places with such great detail that it can take up to 5 to 8 pages to get to the point. To give an example, in describing Fedir Kuchin’s home he took some 7 pages – almost one full chapter. The book could have done without such great detail but at the same time, it also shows David’s detailed style of writing combined with his excellent english and grammatical prowess. He has a very clean style of writing which could be easily read by teens and kids without much hullabaloo being made by their parents.

This is my first book on David Baldacci and I am slightly cautious on rating him. I will rate him a conservative 3.5/5.


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