Don’t blink by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

Riveting, thrilling and sometimes deadly is how I can describe this book. A wannabe journalist goes after a big story and finds himself embroiled in one. Now he is one who is on to run – from media, cops, mob bosses and FBI. Introduction of the main protagonist and finally the main plot takes some time to uncover but James Patterson & Howard Roughan have finally made it there. The new character, Nick Daniels ( I like him !), is a journalist and not a fake one. Atleast, he is not some undercover CIA agent working to uncover some useless truths ( that do not exist :)) .

Nick Daniels is a journalist who is digging out truths for a living (real ones !). There are so many characters to be introduced n this story that you will lose count of them once I start narrating the story. Let me introduce you to the characters first.

Nick Daniels – journalist, Bruno Torrenzi – contract killer, Eddie – mob boss 1, Vincent Marcozza – Eddie’s lawyer, Courtney – Nick ‘s GF & boss , Kate – Nick’s sister, Elisabeth – Nick’s niece, Brenda Evans – Nick’s ex, David Sorren – mob lawyer/ prosecutor, Dwayne Robinson – ex baseball player

With James Patterson as the writer, it is always one maniacal thriller experience!!! Nick comes running from Sudan where his world is turned upside down after seeing harsh realities of third world war prone country. His desperation of returning to NY is an interview with Dwayne Robinson in Lombarde, an upscale restaurant in downtown. However, their first meeting turns into a no-show and they meet finally the next day. As soon as he switches on his digital recorder to record the interview, in comes a contract killer, Bruno, who has been hired to kill Vincent for doing a sloppy job in court to defend his mafia boss, Eddie. Comes from his mouth holy words that will nail Eddie in court ‘ I have a message from Eddie’ which has been recorder on Nick’s digital recorder. Eddie is arrested basis this evidence but Nick is not convinced and he goes about finding the truth behind this story. It slowly dawns upon him that it was a setup and he was the scapegoat they had chosen as alibi/witness/evidence. When he tries to find the reality of his situation, many people try to warn him (including Doug – he scares Nick but comes out to be FBI in the end- can’ t lie but I had a hunch on that one :)) of imminent danger . He starts connecting the dots and comes out with the theory that him being there was no mere coincidence but a very well planned drama in which Dwayne (baseball player turned junkie!) had his role neatly rehearsed. Hotel managers, government prosecutors and other private parties are involved and that someone wants to clean up the mess that NY city is in. To know that someone, you would have to read this book!!! As for the blond beauties, Brenda Evans hands over the secret to Nick n the end (till death do us apart kind of love – ex though:)) and Courtney, his current GF is madly in love with Nick but finds it difficult to admit. She has a hot night romp with her subordinate but finds it difficult to digest when her fiancé sleeps with a supermodel. Relationships are so platonic – I tell you.  Only upon knowing the truth about her own Fiancé (a billionaire !!!) she finds Nick admirable and lovable.

This book makes up for a very interesting story where one would enjoy the story much more than any one night stands. Nick is definitely my new hero and he is a journalist for a change – not the typical hot-shot lawyer or cop that James Patterson usually writes about. Pace is of the book is good and it never bores you and keeps you hooked. Suspense was intriguing and it could easily be made into a movie. James Patterson , you are on a roll.

I rate this book a 4.25/5


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