Worst Case by James Patterson & Micheal Ledwidge

Worst case is the very first James Patterson book that I read. Needless to say, it got me hooked and I read it at a breakneck speed to finish this one in a very short time. With this, started my love of reading James Patterson books. Incidentally, Michael Bennett is also my favorite cop in all of his books. James Patterson has come out with 4 books on Micheal Bennett and I have already read 3 of them.

A nutcase starts haunting the New york city by his ‘save the world’ logic. First he started handing out flyers that read ‘love can change the world’. Soon Mr. Weirdo gives up and replaces ‘love’ with ‘blood’. Yes ! he is going to get into gory business. He starts targeting richest men of New york and kidnaps their kids. Most of the teens kidnapped are lone son/daughter of their filthy rich parents. The brutal killer wants to make sure that when these kids are dead, their parents should feel the same pain as any parent without a kid would feel. What he actually wants to do was teach them that they do not deserve this life until (hell) they know about hardships on other side of the planet – lives plagued with civil wars, famines, droughts – failing which they will be shot at point blank range. Making a heroic entry into this case is Michael Bennett – a cop with a lot of personal baggage who has time left to fight NY’s biggest villans and still manages to form a love triangle between Emily Parker & Mary Catherine with him at the center. While Emily is a FBI officer, Mary Catherine is his kids’ nanny ( 10 kids. no mean feat !). His Kids range from age 3 to age 13 and are real sweet, cuties to say the least. Let us come back to the case – Michael tracks the killer on his every move but falls behind killer’s meticulous planning. Francis Mooney (the killer)  kills two teens and he is already on his questioning spree when the third teen, a girl, gives perfect answers to her handler’s questionnaire. Surprised at her knowledge of war victims & other world problems, he starts crying and lets her go from his dungeon. She becomes the first and only witness to Mooney’s weird ways and Michael, along with beautiful & sexy officer from FBI, closes in on Mooney. Final showdown happens in the NY stock exchange. Mooney has planned to blow up stock exchange to become front page news and let  ‘blood change the world’ logic proven true.

Pace of the book is breathtaking. It carries the name ‘worst case’ because of the brutality with which Mooney kills his victims and leaves them for the dogs. Considering that Micheal with 10 of his own kids,  fears for their safety as well as those rich kids who are still at risk. One thing they are short of and that is time! Whatever he has to do he has to do it fast.

Thanks James Patterson for creating such an interesting character who balances out his personal and professional needs with poise. Inspires all of us. Bravo !! I rate this book a 4 out of 5



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