9TH Judgement by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

As is usual with all James Patterson novels, this one too, starts with an exciting plot. With the  excitement that he creates, it becomes impossible for any other author to replicate.. Sarah Wells decides to make robbery a profession and be the best in the business. Albeit, she will only rob precious jewels. Don’t forget it is ‘women’s murder club’ – has to be concerned to jewels. Back to the novel beginning – somehow she stares at the jewels for too long that makes her wait until the owners of the house have finished making love. While on the way out she makes an unforced error and there she bangs into a table bringing it to the notice of the owners. She makes a run for it and escapes but what happens after that is truly exciting. Obviously, this is a sub plot but an exciting one. And one more thing – the thief is given a name by the media called ‘Hello Kitty’. I was thinking why didn’t James Patterson choose the word ‘Hello Pussy’ – it would have added some humor.

Enter one psycho – One Mr. Pete Gordon the one who loves to kill women & their children – Yes, you read it right – not children but infants. So, our regulars of women’s club (Lindsay and  Rich Conklin) get cracking on the case. It is too much for them to handle. On one side a high-profile case – Sarah Wells robs a celebrity, a superstar. So Mr. Marcus Dowling( superstar !) makes sure all the cops’ attention in the whole of San Fransisco is on his case.  Once Lindsay, Claire & Rich Conklin used up their stress busters (read ‘ had sex with their partners’), they get cracking on the case.

Our crazy child hater maniac demands a ransom and leads cops to a wild chase for payment of the ransom all around San Fransisco. There is intense pressure on Lindsay to save the money and catch the murderer but she ends up driving naked – yes , the killer wants to make sure that she does not use padded bras ( oops ! he hopes that  there are no GPS devices hidden in her inner wear). But at the end of this chase, they catch the wrong guy. Detectives are back to the square one. While they wait for the lipstick killer to strike again ( you read it right – he is called the lipstick killer :)), Sarah Wells suddenly gets a conscience alert to speak the truth and she shares with none other than ‘Lindsay boxer’ amongst all the local cops in San Fransisco ( high coincidence I would say!). One thing leads to another and nail the murderer – you will have to read the book to understand what the case is.

As far the psycho killer is concerned, he digs his own grave by showing up at a shop to buy a prepaid card and a phone. Phone shop not only has cctv installed but high digital media. As a result, his photo is all over television channels forcing already paranoid mothers running around the whole city to buy and keep guns in their back pockets. One of these women pulls the trigger on this guy and brings a lose to this ghastly figure. One last twist in the last 3 chapters of the book keeps the readers occupied right till the end – it is James Patterson after all. His novels are full-time thriller.  In the end, he doesn’t leave you on a sad note though. This one was really fast paced and it took me 4 hours to complete this. I would give this thriller/entertainer novel a 3.25 out of 5.


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